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Scarabaeus seed

Hand-painted goose egg, with real shimmering pieces of may bug wings and tiny beads. It depicts an Egyptian scarab. Woodturned oak base.

This Egyptian inspired egg, Scarabaeus seed  belongs to the collection Kyanomorpha. It depicts an Egyptian scarab painted with acrylic and real green shimmering wings of may bugs and tiny beads.

Kyanomorpha is a series of painted eggs with two dominating colours, as the name suggests: kyano (blue) and white. The technique is similar to pâte-sur-pâte of the porcelain decoration. A short film was created during the process. Watch how these hand-painted eggshells were made: “Creating Forms”.

You can visit the virtual exhibition of the collection here:

Dimensions 5 × 5 × 12 cm

One of a kind