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Legio VI Victrix

Hand-painted goose egg, with ancient Roman and Greek ornaments and patterns, a hint to the infamous legion of the Imperial Roman army. Woodturned oak base.

Legio VI Victrix  is a hand painted goose egg depicting ancient Greek and Roman decorations. Painted with acrylics, is part of the collection Kyanomorpha.

Kyanomorpha is a series of painted eggs with two dominating colours, as the name suggests: kyano (blue) and white. The technique is similar to pâte-sur-pâte of the porcelain decoration. A short film was created during the process. Watch how these hand-painted eggshells were made: “Creating Forms”.

You can visit the virtual exhibition of the collection here:

Dimensions 5,5 × 5,5 × 12 cm

One of a kind